Obese Women Less Likely to Have Eye Disease

Obesity is always looked upon as a symbol of bad luck. But, to a surprise, obese women are less likely to have an eye disease. Yes, friends the existence of such a relation of sight matter with the fatty one is likely to give some relief to female patients having this sticking worry. As in general, the prevalence of obesity has reached to pandemic sectors in many nations. And its has become the topic of prime issue for more than the 1/5th portion of the whole world human population.

Obese Women Less Likely to Have Eye Disease

Statistics of Obesity disorder

The stats say that almost 58 million American adults, aged between 20-74, are suffering from this blundering body as well as health figure. And this country spends as much as an additional $ 33 billion dollars annually on weight reduction products and services. So, this disease is not about heaviness of body, but of pocket too.

How Obese women are less likely to have Eye Disease

However, obesity has a pragmatic effect on the whole body of a person. But in women, less eye diseases emerge due to this state. Yes, the experts have found that, there is a significant association between increased body mass index and intraocular pressure or IOP. This is the fluid pressure of the aqueous humor, a thick substance between the cornea and lens of the eyes. And it leads a severe relation to an eye disease ''open eye glaucoma''. This disorder is set to get down when the weight increases in women.

The researchers have found that, with the increase in each unit of body mass index, there is a decrease of 7 percent in the development of this eye-disease, ''open eye glaucoma''. For a common GK (general knowledge), this one may even cause disastrous vision problems like myopia. However, such a ratio of these two part formations in body are not found in men.

So, ladies now you can have some relaxing time while considering your heavy weight, as its bringing you with a less defected eye. But, still take care of obesity as well. Don't take it as a compliment. Good luck and have a healthy life!!!