Nurture Your Toddler for Healthy Growth

An ideal development of child is very important for every parent. To develop healthy child with clean habits, good manners and perfect attitude, it is very important to take proper care and educate your child from childhood. Your toddler is such that you can mould in your way as you wish.  It depends on you that how you behave with your toddler and what you teach them. It is like blank blackboard, how best you can write it reflects fine. Whatever you speak, behave or do your toddler blindly follows you. Therefore, it is very important for parents to speak and behave gently to teach discipline to your toddler.

Nurture Your Toddler for Healthy Growth

It is very difficult to teach all good habits and daily activities perfectly during development stages of toddler. There are various things that parent specially mother should care such that make them eating healthy food, daily activities like brushing, bathing,potty training, etc. Keep your home clean and give healthy diet for healthy growth of your toddler.

Healthy Diet for Toddler

Your toddler is in the development stage. It is the age between one year to three years when he/she learns or tries to learn many things. It is your toddler’s inquisitive stage. He/she is always eager to play different things or have curiosity about every new thing. You need extra care and time for your kid at this age.

Diet Care

When your kid is in stage where he/she is ready to eat solid foods, you should make habits to offer healthy foods from beginning. You have to habituate your toddler to eat fruits, vegetables, milk and other low fat dairy products. It is very essential because once your child get habituated to eat junk food or some ready made food packets that contains more oil and extra calories, it may affect your kid’s digestive system. It may also reduce your toddler’s energy level as well as affect your child’s natural growth. Once your toddler is ready to eat healthy food like fruits and vegetables, it surely reduces your medical bill.

Maintain adequate amount of protein in diet to keep your toddler’s immune system fit. A toddler needs approximately sixteen grams of protein per day. Milk or milk powder and dairy products such as cheese, yogurt, etc. can contain good protein. Two cups of milk is good for a toddler. Use olive oil or good quality butter to prepare breakfast for your toddler. Kids need to eat a sufficient amount of protein to keep their immune systems healthy.

Fresh and green vegetables for vitamins, enzymes, minerals and fibers. 

Vegetables are very essential for toddler's diet. Serve your toddler raw or cooked vegetables as per their liking. Make some mix vegetables or prepare vegetable salad. You can add pinch of salt to make it tasty that your kid like to eat. You can make vegetable salad of carrots, tomatoes, cucumber, beet etc. 

You need to understand your kid’s taste and flavor therefore, you need to serve them accordingly. Green leafy vegetables are also best for all.

Water is the best for easy digestion. Drink plenty of water daily is good habit for toddler. Drinking pure water improves your toddler’s digestive system and reduces constipation and other digestive problem if any.

Essential Daily Activities for Toddler

Your toddler needs to follow some activities which are very essential as under.

Brushing : As your toddler is not aware of doing brush, he/she first resists it initially. You should explain to them by showing some other kids or tell some story to let him follow your instructions for brushing teeth. Keep teeth clean and brushing teeth every day is very essential and good practice for toddler. When he/she becomes capable to understand your instructions, you should explain to them to clean mouth after eating.

Bathing : Some kids like bathing while some don’t. In such case, it is very difficult for mother to take toddler for bathing every day with resistance. Keep your toddler neat and clean. Keep clean habits like bathing daily and two times in summer to keep your toddler healthy. Give some bathing toys for playing if your toddler does not like bathing.

Change Clothes : Your kid may go for playing outside home in sand or playground. You need to wash your kid’s hands and legs, change clothes when he/she come back from playground.

Wash hands before eat : Your toddler may play anywhere inside your home or outside home. You cannot follow him/her whole the time. Therefore, you need to wash your toddler’s hand before give her/him any food to eat. It is good habit to protect your kid from any bacterial infection.

Keep Nail Clean : Toddler’s nails are always gets dirty very often. You need to cut it and clean it regularly as it increases very rapidly. It may cause infection as kids are always habituated to put fingers in mouth. Keep your toddlers nail clean and clip it two or three times in a week.

Enough Rest : Your toddler needs enough rest during day and night-time. Sufficient rest is essential for healthy growth of your kid.

Keep your Home Neat and Clean

Kids get infected more than adults. Therefore, you need to keep your home clean to protect your child from any bacterial infection. Especially you should keep your kitchen, bathroom and bedroom very clean. You need to give pure drinking water to your kid. You should wash your toddler’s clothes properly and keep it clean. Do not wear any clothes for more than once without wash. Clean shoes before wear.

Remember keep your toddler in clean and green atmosphere for good health. 

You can teach them all good habits from childhood. They are very innocent and follow you if you teach them with endurance. Protect your child or keep them away from any wrong habit. If anyone misleads your toddler, keep your kid away from such people. Your toddler needs more care and love of parents. 

Spend your time with your kid whenever you find time. If you are working woman, spare some quality time when you are at home to educate your child with good habits.