New Year 'Gems' for Your Kid

As a working parent, you might be often worried of the inadequate time spent with your kid. Here are positive parenting tips helping you to get rid of the sorry feeling and start the New Year afresh. 

New Year 'Gems' for Your Kid

It is certainly important for a working parent, mother and father, to spend lots of time with their children. In fact, time spent with a growing baby is among the most memorable experiences of any person. However, modern-day compulsions allow little leisure time with the little ones. But that does not mean one broods over the lack of time. Psychiatrists feel that working mothers should not constantly think of the time factor, as it brings down their productivity levels. 

Quality time is important

A child's well being, security and self-esteem is directly dependent on the quality of time spent with the parents. It is not the amount of time, but the kind of time spent with the child, that is crucial. So GEMS  (Genuine Encounter Moments) are the key to successful parenting. A parent might nag and shout at a child for a whole long day and spend little positive time, whereas another parent might just spend a nice quiet evening and provide great comfort to the child.

Be Happy

Working or not working, a mother should be a happy person. So, never become unhappy because of your inability to spend less time with the child. Otherwise, your tensions are bound to travel to an impressionable mind. That will unnecessarily complicate matters.


Always listen to your child carefully. Pay attention to him or her in the time that you allot to your little one. Many a times, parents are just physically present with their kids. If you do not communicate with your kids, there is a possibility that the child might reciprocate similarly. A child might become parent-deaf. 

Statistics claims that every child gets over 2000 compliance requests every day. 

Children do not register their parents' requests because they do not get a favorable response from their parents.

Small things that matter

You can keep yourself posted about the child's welfare even when you are outside your home. A phone call before leaving office or a surprise visit in the school or a reminder to join the community picnic, and a close look on the progress card, can work wonders. If your child is kept in a creche, inquire about the daily intake and afternoon naps. The child must feel loved and cared for. 

And the caregiver should also sense your involvement. Bring the child surprise gifts. And of course, these gifts need not be expensive. It is the thought that matters.

Be consistent and credible

Do not tell lies to your child. Do not ever fool him or her, with regard to your work outside. Even if you want to spend a weekend without the child, be honest with him or her. Tell the child about the exact nature of your compulsions, and also the longing to be with him or her. Honesty will always pay. Let both the parents be open about amount of time spent outside home.