Natural Ways for Depression Relief

Depression is an illness which is characterized by gloomy mood, feeling down hopelessness, anxiety, frustration etc. It is a serious illness that demands immediate attention and should not be taken lightly. There are a number of natural ways for depression relief. A number of over the counter medicines are also available that helps in relieving the anxiety. Some even resort to taking drugs and alcohols as they tend to feel better. However, prescription medications should be avoided as far as possible. 

Natural Ways for Depression Relief

Until all other treatments fail to work, prescribed medications should be kept at bay. Other than medications, there are also a number of natural ways which can be adopted for depression relief. Though this form of treatment may take a little longer to be effective but they are healthier and the treatment last longer. 

Following are some of the natural ways to relieve depression:

Exercise: Regular exercise will boost your self esteem and will also help in releasing the feel good chemicals in your body, which helps in reducing the symptoms of depression. Researches have shown that exercise positively affects the neurotransmitter and helps in releasing endorphins. It raises the body temperature which has a calming effect at the same time reducing the stress hormones.

Social support: Depressive people prefer to isolate themselves and always avoid company. Loneliness is one major cause of depression. So avoid isolation as far as possible and mix up with people around you to help lift your spirit. 

Always turn to your trusted friends and family members: Look up to your dear and near ones for support and try keeping up with social activities irrespective of whether you like it or not. You might come across feelings of guilt, shame, etc but suppress those feelings because it is the depression that is trying to alienate you from your loved ones.

Healthy diets: Always stick to mood boosting diets and eat healthy, never starve yourself. Include your diet with whole-wheat, bananas, oats and other carbohydrate rich food as it increases the release of feel good chemicals in your body. 

Reduce sugar intake: Minimize the intake of sugar and refined carbs. Know what you are eating and enjoy the taste of the food. If you overeat or oversleep than you can stick to chromium supplements.

Take proper care of yourself: Pamper yourself by doing things that you have always wanted to do but have never found time. Listening music, watching a good movie, reading novels, swimming, hiking, shopping are some of the things you can do to make yourself feel good. 

Learn to relax: Meditation is one way through which you can relax and gain complete tranquility. Also it works effectively in relieving anxiety, depression, insomnia, stress etc. If it is practiced regularly than it helps in reducing panic attacks, improves self esteem and the sense of well being.

Adopting a healthy lifestyle is an important step for relieving depression. Always be ready to challenge your negative thoughts and do not make your thoughts centered around yourself. Socializing with positive people will help you in inculcating the habit of looking at the bright side of things. Despite taking all these measures if your depression gets worse then do not hesitate to consult a doctor or talk about it to a family member. You may even require professional help to deal with depression.