Maids and More

Leaving your child in the care of a maid does more harm than good. All your parenting ideals are sent for a toss. Children may show streaks of bad behaviour as maids usually try to discipline the children in a rigid way. What are other options for childcare? Read here.

All parents want the best for their child, and they often take pains reading parenting books or going through parenting websites such as these, to ensure their child turns out to be confident and well-mannered, and armed with all the tools they need to be happy and successful. 

Maids and More

When we entrust our child to the care of a maid, we are entrusting her not only with just to feed our child and make sure he stays away from harm, but we are also inadvertently leaving a large part of our child's upbringing in the hands of this maid. 

As a parent you have certain parenting beliefs. Some parents rush to pick up a child whenever he cries, because they don't want their child to develop insecurities. Other parents let a child cry it out as they don't want to spoil him. Similarly, some parents make it a point not to say no to their child, and would rather distract him. 

However, when you leave your child in the care of a maid, no matter what your reason, you need to realize that all your parenting ideals are essentially sent for a toss. Just because you rush to pick up your child every time he cries doesn't mean your maid does the same. 

Mala was very happy with her maid, and her child was with the maid all the time. Once the maid took Mala's son Vishal to another child, Aditi's house, and Aditi's mother was shocked at the way the maid looked after the child. This is not to say that the maid was mean to the child, but she certainly did shatter every parenting rule most parents abide by. The child was literally commanded to sit in one corner. If he tried to run around, the maid would shout at him and make him sit. She hit him, gently though, because he took a biscuit offered to him by his hostess, as it would soon be his dinnertime. A parent may have distracted his attention or let him eat half a biscuit, but the maid did not bother. 

He would try to run into another room, and the maid would grab him and sternly tell him to behave. A parent would have explained gently. Vishal has already started displaying streaks of bad behaviour. Every child is beautiful and unique in his or her own way, and it is up to the parent or caretaker to bring out the best in each child.

So what does one do?


If you have a full-time job, you may want to consider sending your child to daycare. If you can find a good and reliable day-care, it may be a better option than leaving your child in the care of a maid. A daycare will have other children, they will all play together, and this will stimulate your child. In addition, people who run daycare centers are generally trained and educated. They will be able to read to your child, and will respect your parenting beliefs.


If daycare is not an option, keep a camera to monitor your maid. Correct her a couple of times, and if she doesn't improve, don't hesitate before replacing her. 

Your child is more important than the inconvenience you may have to go through looking for a replacement.