Lumps in Breast

You may feel lumps in your breasts that result in the breasts becoming red and tender. This is called a plugged duct and occurs from changes in the baby's feeding time or a pressure applied on the breast due to very tight fitting clothes. 

Your milk ducts may get clogged and milk does not flow through the clogged milk ducts. You must treat the lumps in your breast at once to avoid breast infection. Do not stop breast feeding your baby because of any lumps.

Lumps in Breast

Treating Lumps in Breast

Offer the baby the breast with lumps and finish the milk completely during each feeding. If your baby does not drain the breast completely during a feed, use a breast pump to express the remaining milk. The stronger the suckling, the sooner the clogged ducts get relieved.

Do not wear tight fitting clothes on the clogged ducts. You can use different breast feeding positions to apply pressure on different ducts during breast feeding.

Rub your baby's chin on the clogged ducts during suckling so that the block gets cleared.

If you find milk dried up on the nipple, clean it with a warm cloth.

Apply moist heat on the breasts for about half an hour before each feed.

Massage the breast from the area behind the discomfort towards the nipple.