Latex Condoms Use

Latex Condoms Use

Generally, condoms are manufactured from lambskin, which is also known as Natural Skin or Natural Membrane and these are made from the intestinal lining of lambs.

But if you want to have safe sex or stay away from the transmission of STDs and HIV, then latex condoms is the right word. These condoms can prevent pregnancy and let you and your partner enjoy your sexual life without any worries.

Latex Condoms Use

If used consistently and in the right manner, then latex condoms are amazingly effective in preventing you from the transmission of HIV, virus causing AIDS. 

Also, you are 10,000 times safer if you use a latex condom than those who do not use them at all. Now, is there is anything much reliable!

According to some recent researches on heterosexual couples where the first one was HIV positive and the second one was HIV negative and they were observed for 20 months. And we call such couples as sero-discordant. The research shows the following results:

1. Among 124 couples who used latex condoms consistently and in the right manner for vaginal or anal intercourse, no sero-conversion was found.

2. And among the HIV positive partners, 10% of couples were found to be infected with HIV virus because they did not use the condoms for vaginal or anal intercourse consistently and correctly. On the contrary, more than 10 % of these HIV negative partners were found to be infected because they did not use any condoms at all.

Now, the question arises, what can you do to prevent yourself from these life-threatening STDs :

1. Be consistent and absolutely correct while making use of latex condoms, if you really want yourself and your partner to stay away from the transmission of HIV, the AIDS virus. Also, it will minimize the risk of other STDs to a larger extent.

2. Proper and consistent use of latex condoms will also reduce the chances of transmission of other dangerous STDs like gonorrhea, chlamydia, and trichomoniasis.

3. Also, you will never get affected with some really frustrating STDs like genital herpes, syphilis, chancroid, and HPV.

4. The proper use of latex condoms also reduces the risk of HPV-associated diseases, such as cervical cancer.