Internet Impact

The Internet has become a necessary evil in today's fast moving advanced world. This is because it is known to be the fastest mode of communication. It can also be a storehouse of knowledge for your pre-teen child if used correctly. 

Sadly there are various risks associated with the Internet if it is not used with a proper sense of discretion. As a pre-teenager, your child may not be able to be on her guard when she uses the Internet. This is mainly because she is fascinated by what the Internet has to offer and cannot distinguish the right from the wrong. As a caring parent, you can develop a healthy Internet etiquette for your pre-teenager.

Internet Impact

How Internet affects my pre-teenager

If not used carefully, the Internet can exploit your pre-teenager to a great extent. Some adverse effects of improper usage of the Internet are:

Sending an e-mail to the wrong person is one of the most common mistakes. 

Remember that the person who received your e-mail may be a total stranger. 

He can start making friendly contacts with your child and and slowly gather her personal information which can be unsafe.

Sending junk mails and attachments can result in virus threats. Also unconfirmed reports sent through e-mail can instil a sense of fear.

If your child is conversing with a person whom she do not know or is from another country, it is likely that she is ignorant of that person's country's beliefs, customs and traditions. So teach her to be on her guard before she makes a comment as this can hurt the other person's emotions.

If the communication between your pre-teenager and the person is not clear, it can cause unnecessary misunderstandings.

If the Internet is not used with discretion, your pre-teenager can become a victim of sexual abuse and online danger.

Getting hooked to the Internet can deprive your pre-teenager from focusing on her studies.

Long hours of Internet usage can make your pre-teenager withdrawn from her friends and abstain from doing her homework. She may even stop her reading habit and waste time that can be used for enhancing her creativity.

Your pre-teenager may accidentally get involved in petty crimes without your knowledge such as giving out your credit card number.