Influence of Video Games on Toddlers

Influence of video games on toddlers

It is now becoming an advanced world where children of today are provided with the latest technologies that are available. It may be games, electronic items or facilities at homes. Most of the markets are flooded with a wide range of smart and technologically advanced video games that are interactive in nature and are designed as well as marketed especially for little kids. 

Toddlers today in a way have got addicted to the gaming world. It is completely up to the parents how they deal with such habits of their kids. Such games may be small devices that are hand held. Educational games is what they are generally known and popular characters are used in these games such as Noddy and Winnie may prove helpful in letting the kids grasp a little regarding the shapes, colours as well as numbers.

Influence of Video Games on Toddlers

Video games are generally considered as a better option in comparison to viewing television. But there is still a doubt whether they are really better than television. Is it possible for a little kid as small as 2 years old to understand the various techniques in the entertainment technology?

Toddlers who lie in the age group between one to four years have this intense desire of exploring everything of the world in which they reside. Your kid tries to satisfy the curiosity inside him by touching, feeling, smelling as well as tasting. 

It is strongly recommended that parents should not let toddlers less than two years of age to watch television as the cognitive ability that allows a person to make some sense of various colours and shapes is absent in your toddlers.

At such a tender age the parents should know that the reasoning skills of their toddlers are still being developed and if at this age he is exposed to the screen too much then it may lead to problems for your kid when he grows up. The span of time in which he can stay attentive in lectures in the classroom will reduce to a great extent. His focus will start to waver as well. Instead if you play with your kid or read some book to him it will prove to be of great help to your toddler in grasping some of the concepts.  The basic requirement of any video game is to enable hand-eye coordination plus some good motor skills which are hard to find in a little kid who is barely 2 years of age. Menu options appearing on the screen in front of him would also be quite hard for him to understand. Studies have also found that hyperactivity, impulsiveness as well as mood swings are some of the problems that may be caused when your little toddler grows up. 

Injuries such as strain injury may also be caused as a result of these video games.

Do parents have a role to play when their kids are on the computer?

If you are interested in introducing your kid to the world of video games for educational purposes then some of the main points that should be kept in mind by you as parents are:

Moderation: a time limit should be set during which your kid can watch television or play his video games. If this is not done then you may not be able to spend quality time with your kid which is necessary for his creative simulation and overall growth.

Avoid violence: video games containing adult content or any kind of violence should not be provided to your kids. Such games do not give any kind of educational training to your kids.

Games having a loud soundtrack as well as images moving at a rapid pace should be avoided. Slow and clear moving images should be used as the child can easily relate to them and over simulation can also be easily avoided.

You should sit with your toddler when he is playing games and explain various menu commands as well as functions of different keys so that the whole experience of playing the video game becomes enjoyable.

It should always be kept in mind that kids will be kids and they cannot be kept still at one place. It should be ensured that loose wires should not come in the way of your kids. Proper communication with your kid is necessary. For instance when your kid sits down to play his video games you can click the keys or mouse for him. This would prove to be helpful in teaching your kids some things besides making the experience enjoyable.