Improve Sperm Quality

Improve Sperm Quality

Recent researches show that men who have enough folate in their daily diet, are more capable of producing baby without any genetic abnormalities. This does not mean that folate helps men to produce more sperm, infact, men produce sperm with enough quality.

Men can get this folate from green leafy vegetables, fruit and pulses. Therefore, it keeps your sperm healthy.

Improve Sperm Quality

Earlier, we used to hear that only a mother's diet plays an important role in producing healthy baby, but in recent times, a father's diet has been considered equally crucial after conception, for a normal growth of the baby.

This research, published in the journal, Human Reproduction, has been done on 89 healthy non-smoking men and asked about their daily intake of zinc, folate, vitamin C, vitamin E and beta carotene.

And the results this research gave are highly significant in the male fertility department. It has been concluded that a good diet cannot make more sperm but it has the potential to enhance the quality of the male sperm.

Now, all you men out there, after reading this, do not rush to the chemist for the folate supplements, instead the researchers suggest you to stay away from smoking, alcohol as much as possible, have a good hygienic diet full of fresh fruits and vegetables every day.
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