Importance of Preschool Education

Have you ever noticed that when you sometimes joke with your newborn he does respond to what you are saying in one way or the other? In reality your kid understands part of what you are saying by observing your expressions. It actually proves to be quite a useful way of educating your kids.

Some decades ago it was very rare to see a child visiting playschool. Playschool concept was almost unheard of in India. But the surprising fact was that even then children turned out to be sensible, mature, well spoken as well as well read adults. But now days most of the parents send their children off to playschool. 

Importance of Preschool Education

The period between 0-2 years for a child is considered to be golden age. During this time the brain of a child starts to develop. Your kid will become accustomed to grasping things and also knowing his neighbourhood slowly.

This is an age when your child has just started to gain some understanding of the things surrounding him. If your child is not directed properly there would be no growth in his knowledge.  In a playschool the brain of a kid is made ready to gain something at next level.  For instance if your 3 year old kid has had preschool training before going to school then he is already aware of stationery that is to be used and exactly how it is to be used. Your kid already knows  the concept of basic writing. So generally it is believed that kids who have gone to playschool are a bit more prepared to go to school.

In India majority of the playschools are generally privately owned. If you are in any kind of dilemma whether to provide your little one with playschool training or not we provide you with the following points that you may consider before taking a decision.


Ask yourself this question. How much time can you actually take out for your kid? If both the parents are working then in that case there is not much time that you can spare for your child and you will not be able to teach him much. 

This can lead to your kid lagging behind other kids who have already attended playschool. But if one of the parents does not go to work and can spend time with the child you could consider the option of not sending the child to playschool. You should keep in mind that children who are quite young also have a great ability to grasp things. They have remarkably sharp brains. Thus they can be put in n such an environment which is conducive to gaining knowledge.

Academic routine

It is always recommended to send children to such playschools that are not too much academically inclined.  You should understand the fact that this is not an age where your kid is struggling to learn the basic concepts of math. A playschool which mixes fun with learning is great for the development of your kid. A playschool having a garden which makes a child participate in a number of outdoor activities is an ideal option.

Social opportunities

An ideal opportunity is provided by playschools for kids to mix up as well as socialize with children their age. Also the children will gradually learn the classroom teaching concept in a manner which is quite informal.  This will simplify the process of your kid’s transition to school and make his task much easier. If your kid doesn’t have many children from his age group to play with him maybe because your house is situated in a little isolated area it makes complete sense that your kid should be sent to a playschool. Interaction with a number of children is something that your kid will learn when he is young if you send him to a playschool. However miracles should not be expected even though there are social benefits if you provide playschool training to your little one. A shy child will not transform into a confident one overnight.


Your child gets used to a certain routine if you send him to playschool early. But it should be always remembered that so many years of schooling combined and then college life will automatically set your child into a routine.

Preschool education is a tool that helps children in the age group between 18 months to 6 years to learn a wide variety of things as per their age and brain development ability. Training is also provided to them which prepare them well for their entry into school. However the final decision does depend on the parents whether they want to send their child to a playschool or not and it varies from the situation of household to household.