Hypnosis - History of Hypnosis

Hypnosis - history of hypnosis

Hypnosis and hypnotic sleep are somewhat synonyms and this technique is really astonishing. Recently I went to see a magic show; there I came across a strange trick by the magician. He randomly selected few people from the audiences and that included my wife. Within a few moments all of them were doing exactly the same thing as ordered by the magician. I would have definitely not believed this hypnotism trick if my wife had not been among those selected ones, obeying the amusing orders of the magician. After witnessing that mesmerizing trick, I decided to know more about this much needed technique of hypnosis so that I can see my wife obeying my orders. And I am absolutely sure that all of you are as curious about the word ‘hypnosis’ as I am. 

Hypnosis - History of Hypnosis

So let’s know something more about hypnosis or hypnotism.

There are varied opinions among different historians about the exact origin of ‘hypnosis’. Some say it originated prior to 15th century while many others believe that it was invented in 19th century.

However, Hypnotism is said to be originated in 18th century but with a different name ‘Mesmerism’, on the name of an Austrian physician Franz Anton Mesmer. 

Doctor Mesmer came to know about this healing method, which required no medicine or surgery. He himself observed that he was able to cure people suffering from different diseases with his unique method of healing, then known as Mesmerism. He believed that he had some sort or magnetic force, which made him able to regulate the flow of magnetic fluids in his patients that resulted in many successful cures.

In 19th century, a Scottish doctor James Braid invented the word ‘neurhypnosis’ out of which hypnosis originated. He used the technique of ‘Mesmerism’ to induce ‘the hypnotic sleep’ in the patients as the healing method before treatment. During 1914 to 1918, when World War I was going on, the Germans realized the significance of hypnosis and used this healing technique on its soldiers.

One of the significant as well as greatest uses of hypnosis was in the area of anesthesia, as we know that anesthesia didn't exist at all until the middle of the 19th century. 

After going through the brief history of hypnosis, I am extremely impressed by that magician, who used this healing technique and made my wife obedient although for few moments. I am now desperate to learn this art of hypnotism and use it on my wife as my self defence. Besides controlling your spouse, this ever effective technique of hypnosis is very helpful and is used by doctors, psychologists, and can be extremely beneficial in many other spheres of life.

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