Hypnosis as Treatment for OCD - Healing Therapy

Hypnosis as treatment for OCD

OCD or Obsessive Compulsive Disorder is the experience of compulsive, unwanted thoughts and/or uncontrolled repetitive behaviours. It includes unusually spending hours in activities such as cleaning, counting, checking, repeating words silently, or hand washing. There are some people who suffer from unwanted thoughts or obsessions, which they feel helpless in getting rid off and resultantly perform unusual routines with complicated behaviour. Such people suffer from OCD. A recent research highlighted that about 2% of the population suffer from this uncontrolled disorder. The very common behavioral changes that can be observed in a person with suffering from OCD are:

Hypnosis as Treatment for OCD - Healing Therapy

1) Overly concern with order of the things, their arrangement, or symmetry

2) Feeling excessive responsible for the safety of others like checking and re-checking thousands of times a day that the doors are locked, the windows are closed, the stove is turned off; any electric appliance is unplugged, etc.

3) Excessive worrying about accidentally or purposefully injuring another person

4) Fear that negative or aggressive thoughts or impulses will cause personal harm or harm to any dear relative

5) Illogical and irrational worry about cleanliness, contamination, dirt and germs

6) Repeating a name, phrase, or simple activity (brushing of hair or teeth or checking the doorbell or coming and going in a room) over and over again

7) Doing a sort of Hoarding of objects with little or no value. Preserving useless items such as old newspapers or magazines, bottle caps, or rubber bands

8) Over doubting the intentions of people or even things

9) Illogical and dislikeable religious and sexual thoughts or images

10) The most common symptom of a person suffering from OCD is that he/she unusually feels a sense of panic most of the time and there is an Anxiety in his/her activities.

The above symptoms are both humiliating as well as life threatening. Most of the people suffering from this Obsessive Compulsive Disorder know that they are not doing the right thing but somehow feel helpless to stop their unusual routine and repetitive behaviour.

Hypnosis is very effective in this case. Hypnotherapy helps a great deal in overcoming this disorder. We all know that hypnosis is basically a concentrated relaxation therapy which empowers the subconscious mind and strengthens the self- belief.

A healthy talk therapy or Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy commonly known as C.B.T. is a form of talk therapy that can be mixed very nicely with hypnosis and can be used in the treatment of OCD. This healing therapy convinces the subconscious mind that everything is alright. However, it is a gradual process and the results may take some time to show up, but hypnosis is the easiest as well as safest treatment.

So, if you or any of your near and dear one is suffering from this deadly disorder, then do consult your doctor before going in for this treatment of OCD only from a qualified psychologist.

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