How to Protect Your Skin From Harmful Sun UV Radiations

Hey guys!! Summer season is again here to give you a tough time for your skin care regime. Ye!! this season, especially, the question, how to protect your skin from harmful UV (ultra violet) radiations, often disturbs your daily lifestyle. 

How to Protect Your Skin From Harmful Sun UV Radiations

These rays have the potential to cause sunburns, tanning, and other skin problems. And if a serious sunburn occurs at this stage, then it doubles the chances of the development of many types of skin cancers, especially melanoma. There are two types of UV rays, UVA and UVB. Out of this, UVB gets absorbed in the ozone layers and UVA gets filtered out and so it reaches the earth to give a terrible time to your overall health, mainly in summers. Here are some of the very important prevention tips for covering your skin with a fine protection layer. So, take a look inside for knowing these suggestions!!

How to Protect your Skin from Harmful UV Radiation

Here you can adopt the formula of ''SHADE'' to save yourself from harmful sun rays!!

Right Sunscreen- The first tip, here in this matter is to apply a good sunscreen on your skin. Yup!! you must use a sunscreen that matches your skin type before leaving your home. And do keep in mind that you should not just go by the general way of its application, e.g only one time application. Instead, you must apply it at least 2-3 times in day or after every 3-4 hours of your standing in the open sun. And make sure that you choose a sunscreen that gives you a protection against both UVA and UVB rays.

Cover your body- Since skin is our largest organ, so its very important to hide it from the scorching heat from sunlight when ever you go on outdoor activities. 

Do check that you wear the clothes that cover your body the maximum. Avoid wearing shorts, or miniskirts or sleeveless shirts. Thereafter, wear hats or caps and sunglasses (here, choose the one which are resistant to UV rays). And if it becomes  mandatory for you to stand at some outdoor place, then stand in shades.

Right Timings- To avoid the occurrence of a severe damage of your skin and immunity, do stay away from the timings that are too friendly with such strong and hot radiations of sun.  Try not to go out between 11 am to 4 pm because at this time the effect of sun rays is at its peak.

Defence- Here, D stands for defending your body by building a strong anti-oxidant defence against sun's UV radiations. For this, eat lots of fruits rich in vitamin C, or say citrus fruits, as this vitamin is highly rich in anti-oxidants. The problem of free radical damage due to hot sun rays gets sorted out with such a supplementation.

Right Awareness- It is important for you to educate yourself and people around you about the harmful effects of sun's burning rays' effects. This good education is important because the present atmosphere does not support a very fine ozone layer protection. So, these UV rays can penetrate your skin to a more deeper level irrespective of your gender and age and lead to devilish skin diseases like skin cancer.

Apart from this, do keep a common indifference to frequent sunlight exposure. 

Its gonna help you maintain a fine skin order and health. So, take proper care of yourself and avoid such severe skin problems!! Good luck!!