How to Prevent Your Skin From Peeling After a Sunburn

It is often said that a good amount of sunlight is always better for a skin health structure. But, to create a severe health issue, excessive sunlight can even cause the distress of sunburn and more panic occurs when you discover your skin peeling after sunburn. But let's first know what a sunburn is! Sunburn not only harms you in summers but it can affect you at any time throughout the year. In fact, frequent sunburn can lead to serious problems like aging of the skin, sunburn itching and skin cancer. Actually, a sunburn is a burn to the living tissue, such as skin, which is produced by the overexposure to ultra violet radiations. These radiations are commonly caused from the sun's rays. Some usual mild symptoms in humans and other animals include red or reddish skin and this skin is felt as very hot when you touch it. Other than it, this distress gives rise to some general fatigue and mild dizziness.

How to Prevent Your Skin From Peeling After a Sunburn

Now, comes the peeling after sunburn. Peeling is an attempt of the skin to rid itself of sun damaged cells and protection from premature aging and skin cancer. It creates a lot of itching and irritability.

Tips on How to Prevent your Skin from Peeling after Sunburn

Sunscreens: Sunscreens contain SPF which is called sun protection factor. It gives safety to the outer part of your skin from the harmful effects of sun rays. 

The protection capability here is expressed as the solar defence. In fact, the greater the SPF would be, the better the protection it is gonna give. There is no sunscreen that can block the sun rays fully. But, it gives a really big and better shield to save your largest and most sensitive organ, skin. So, go for minimum SPF 15 for every kind of skin. For more, go for detailed information:

How  to choose the right sunscreen for your skin type?

You should apply sunscreen at least 30 minutes before you plan out to go in open sun. and generally, you should re-apply it after you are done with your swimming session or after every 1-2 hours of your standing under the sun.

Cover your body: Make sure to use sun-protective clothing in summers. For example, light cotton clothes have a great ultra-violet defence factor (UPF). 

Again the higher the UPF value, the safer your skin would be.

Take frequent showers- Taking out shower immediately after a mild sunburn can protect your skin from peeling after sunburn and will bring relief. Thus, take a good shower to beat the heat of the humid and irritating hot environment, so that you can save yourself from sunburn. And  do not forget to apply moisturizer after your bath.

Sunburn Peeling Home Remedies- After you reach home on a sunny day, in summers or in winters, remember to apply any one out of these all over your sunburnt skin: raw tomato pulp, yogurt, an ice pack, aloe vera gel (direct from the plant, if possible), apple cider vinegar (added to your bath water) or you can also go for natural homemade sunburn lotions. This will protect your skin from getting the devilish sunburns, and if it has already burnt due to sun's heat then it will not peel if you make these applications a routine matter. And also, this will remove the tan you got from the sun's rays while outdoors. Remember, all these things need to be applied immediately to your sunburnt skin, don't wait!

One important thing to remember is never to scratch your sensitive skin if you want it to protect if from fatal skin conditions in future!

Caution: The days when you are healing your skin from sunburns, avoid to go out in the sun again. As your skin is already sensitive, so no risk should be taken. And yes, if you experience chills or fever, it may be the case of sun poisoning.. So, don't panic and just get an appointment with your doctor!

So, do take that extra care of your skin, especially, in summers and try to protect your body from the harmful effects of sun rays. This will make sure that you are enjoying a good skin health. Thus, take care and do live with happiness!!!