How to Meditate

Meditation is becoming a necessity in the present times of depression where every new morning is accompanied by a new stress, one faces a new worry in the afternoon and sleeps with a lot of tensions trying their best to ruin the life of a human being. There are a number of people who understand that meditation plays a vital role to reduce stress and is indeed a boon to human life but people who know the answer to the question how to meditate are not much in number. 

How to Meditate

If you too want to know the right ways to meditate then all you have to do is just go through the following account and know if not each and everything then something about meditation.  

The first and foremost thing to do is to find out a place where there you can meditate. The timings of the meditation must be decided by you and you can either make it early in the morning or just before sleeping. Two of the most common beliefs among people highlight their confusion about meditation and free mind. Some think that a free mind is necessary to meditate whereas most others believe that meditation leads to a free mind. But instead of getting confused in these two opinions you should just keep in mind that a mind is enough to meditate and the only need is to use this mind in the right way to know what you are!

You can start doing meditation by concentrating on a candle flame or on a Zero Watt bulb. Though concentrating on a candle flame is mostly recommended so you can use this easy method of meditation and focus on the flame thereby stopping your mind from distraction. While concentrating on the flame start the process of deep breathing. Breathe in the peace and enlightenment of the flame and breathe out all the worries and tensions within. Gradually you will get full control on your breathes without losing the concentration. Now focusing on the flame, close your eyes and try to find a ray of light. Meditation is easy to say than getting it done because it can take some time to find this ray of light and when you would find it, you would get ecstatic thereby losing the focus and ultimately could not concentrate on the path of the light. So, relaxation of the mind and body is needed to meditate for a longer period of time.

For beginners, it is more than sufficient to meditate for 10 to 15 minutes gradually increasing the duration. Don’t expect that you would find a ray of light or get freedom from stress. This way, you would never be able to meditate if your mind is pre-occupied in thinking about the outcome. Just meditate and enjoy the quest of knowing yourself.          

We hope the above account with the meditation tips within would be beneficial in finding out the answer to the question how to do meditation. Good luck and Keep trying!

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