How to Identify the Learning Styles of Your Toddler

No two babies are the same just like no two individuals are similar on this earth. 

Each and every toddler has got some special quality of his own which needs to be appreciated by his parents. Every child is special in his or her own way. You as parents of a toddler have this responsibility of motivating your little one so that he gets inspired to do something worthwhile in his life making use of the best of his abilities.

How to Identify the Learning Styles of Your Toddler

There are three main categories in which we can place little toddlers. Your little one can either be a looker, a listener or a mover. If we get to understand in which category our kid belongs it can prove to be really beneficial in the development of your toddler by maximizing the learning ability of your child.

Below is given a list of behaviours that are commonly exhibited by children. You can easily find out to which category your little one belongs by simply placing a check against behaviours which are displayed by your toddler. Finally total all the checks that you have placed in each category (looker, mover or listener) and you will be able to determine the kind of learning style that is favoured by your toddler.

Is your toddler a looker?

The very first category that we describe here is that of a looker. We give below some of the points that are some of the basic signs of a looker. So if you want to know whether your kid is in reality a looker or not you must read on.

  • Whenever your toddler is wishful of expressing herself she does it with the help of short sentences.
  • Her vocabulary is small.
  • The order of the words being used in sentences is jumbled by her. 

Favourite pastimes and toys
  • Your toddler loves playing with stacking rings and sorters
  • She likes playing with a variety of blocks
  • Paints and crayons are her favourite

Social and motor skills
  • Your toddler doesn’t like being touched.
  • Facial expressions are used by her to reflect sadness, anger and happiness.
  • She uses her fingers and hands most of the time.
  • She looks everywhere while she is on a swing

  • Your toddler does not show many emotions
  • She gets surprised at other children’s outbursts

  • She can easily remember faces
  • She can easily recollect activities after watching them

Is your toddler a listener?

You must be now curious to know whether your toddler does show signs of a listener or not after you have been made aware of the signs of a looker in the above section.

  • While expressing herself her vocabulary is good
  • She makes sentences by combining words that can be understood easily
  • Your toddler is talkative

Favourite pastimes and toys
  • Your toddler enjoys if someone reads out to her
  • She can memorise nursery rhymes easily along with some song wordings as well
  • Your kid likes tapes and records

Social and motor skills
  • She prefers talking rather than holding or touching
  • Volume in which she speaks varies as per her mood
  • She focuses more on Language instead of body movements
  • Her coordination is limited

  • Your toddler expresses feelings with a dramatic flair
  • Expresses feelings by using names like sad or happy

  • Words are added to your toddler’s vocabulary pretty quickly
  • She can easily remember a name or word after listening to it just once

Is your toddler a mover?

Following are given some of the signs which may assist you in judging the fact whether your toddler is a mover or not.

  • Whenever your toddler is wishful of expressing herself non verbal communication is what she generally relies on.
  • Speaks very less and that too when absolutely necessary
  • It is quite difficult to properly understand her speech

Favourite pastimes and toys
  • Outdoor activities such as the sandbox are often chosen by her whenever she plays
  • She is in the habit of pulling out things from drawers as well as off shelves
  • Toys are taken apart by her

Social and motor skills
  • She loves being held and rocked by other  people
  • She seeks hugs
  • Your toddler loves to climb
  • Well coordinated kid

  • Her feelings get hurt quite easily by even a small thing
  • Prone to surprising and frequent outbursts of anger and joy

  • She imitates whatever action is seen by her
  • Activities are remembered by her once she performs them

Now you can quickly total the number of checks that you have placed against each of the options and find out to which category your toddler belongs. Is he a looker, a mover or a listener? You are sure to get your answer and whatever it is you can use it for the further growth of your kid.