How to Help Your Child to Walk

When your infant becomes more than 9 months, he/she starts learning new things day by day. He tries to catch new things whatever is found around him. 

Normally, children learn to walk between ages of 9 months to 18 months. It depends on their physical growth, nature and health condition. Many children start walking from 9 months only while other may start after 15 months. You need to encourage your child for walking step by step to build confidence in him for walking.

How to Help Your Child to Walk

Teach your Child How to Walk

Many child starts crawling initially and then they slowly learn to stand up and then try to walk while some child start walking without crawling. If you find that child is rolling around, crawling, can climb stairs with his hand, you should understand that it’s time for your kids to start walking. Check your child’s progress month by month. You should keep watch on your child’s physical growth. You should not worry if yourkid cannot start walking even after one year. Normally children learn to walk around their first birthday period, but a few can learn late. Many child starts walking slowly initially while some start very fast. Child with more weight walk slowly initially, but once they find confidence they start walking without any fear.

Build Confidence in your Child for Walking

Strong back muscles of your baby help him walk. It is very important for walking. It develops when your baby lift his hands while lying on his tummies. 

You can put toys or new things that your kid can play around him to make him keen to reach there. While child found any new objects around him, he suddenly tries to reach there by crawling or rolling or other way.

Once your baby can sit, play with toy near your baby like some colorful ball or some other musical toy. Roll it from one side to other side. Your baby will try to move towards direction of toy. When he tries to crawls to catch toy, he will build up more strength in his back, arms, neck, legs and control his hips. In this way, he can try to stand up.

To stand up by handling some support is the first step of child towards learning to walk. Once your kid learn how to stand up, he gradually tries to walk with some supports. When your baby is sitting, put his toys on sofa or bed or stool or at level where your baby can reach easily by standing. He tries to stand up to catch it. Once he stands up by handling some support, put another toy slightly far from him and cheer up by clapping and instructing him to move. It will motivate your child to walk and catch the object. Remember, you should keep the thing at safe place that while your kid try to stand up, he will find secure support to stand up and walk. If he falls down while standing up for two–three times, he might lose his confidence. If you found that he cannot stand up properly, try to support him with your hand initially.

When you found that your child can walk by taking some support, teach him gradually to walk without any support. You should not start suddenly to teach him walking without support. Give him some time. Check that how far your child can walk with some support. If he can walk confidently with support for more than five or ten minutes, he can learn soon to walk easily without support.

Hold your child’s hand when he tries to walk without any support. Teach him this way for few days. If mother and father can sit on opposite sides and encourage child to go from mother side to father side, he can learn quickly. 

Keep less distance initially. Your child found that his father or mother is there to hold him. In such way he goes to his father and then mother, turn by turn and gets confidence to walk without any fear to fall down. If he looks his parents nearby, then he feels more confident and tries to walk quickly. Gradually increase more distance and then try to make him walk in between. Catch your child if you find that he is going to fall down. Protect your child to fall down, and catch him immediately if he lost his balance. If your child falls down, he may lose his confidence. Therefore, stay with your child while he tries to learn walking.

You also teach your baby how to sit after standing. Initially, child cannot keep balance and not know how to sit when they become in standing position. They fall down if they cannot sit properly.

Keep Precaution for your Walking Baby

When your baby start learning, you should take precaution protect your baby from any injury or harmful objects.

Keep any pointed object, breakable objects like glass or topples furniture away from your child’s reach.

Do not keep your bathroom or toilets door open. You should also close your entrance door or balcony door. Once your child learns walking, he becomes always eager to go outside the home or in the balcony.

Do not keep any hot things like iron or hot cook food at reach of your kid.

Always keep a watch on your child, even if you become busy in the kitchen or engage in other work. It is very essential to keep constant watch as your child can move at any place by crawling or walking. He is also habituated to put objects in mouth. Therefore, you should very watchful to protect your baby from such activities.

Do not worry if your kid cannot walk easily even if he becomes one year old. 

Every child starts to walk at different ages. Therefore, parents need to keep patience if their kid learns walking at later stage. You should get ready to be in attention once your child start walking as when child learn walking they never sit and not give you chance to sit as well. Click your kid’s first walk in camera. It becomes lifetime memory for you and your kid when he grows up.