How Many Calories Your Kids Meals Should Have

Not surprisingly, parents today seem to be more concerned regarding the calorie content of their kids' meal. Obesity is on the rise and in order to help curb it, restaurants are found offering the calorie counts along with the menu items. Researchers on a study found that when nutritional values are provided along with the items in the menu, parents were found to pick low-calorie meals for their children. A lot of debate took place, when the discussion on whether to put nutritional facts on the menu or not, was going on. And today, the information proved to be a powerful weapon to fight against obesity.

How Many Calories Your Kids Meals Should Have

The study which was lead by Dr. Pooja Tondon and her team involved about 100 volunteer parents who were divided in two groups. Both the groups were provided with McDonald's menu. One group had the menu with the nutritional values along with the items and the other group was provided with the menu with only the food items. And the result was those who had calorie counts ordered 20% fewer calories for their children. This 20% calorie that has been deducted can make a huge difference in terms of weight gain. But ironically the calorie content lists did not make any difference in the meal choices of the parents.

The study has indeed proved that parents will choose healthier, lower calorie menu items for their children. No doubt the parents did not make a healthy choice for themselves but by teaching their children to choose healthier food at an early stage would mean growing up to a healthier adolescent.

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