As the parent of a pre-teenager, you may find yourself having to guide her with homework. This is an activity that many parents are not comfortable with. The main reason is that what your pre-teenager has been taught at school varies from what you have been taught. As a caring parent, you may feel that you do not know enough to guide your pre-teenager with her homework although you want to help her.


Ways to guide your pre-teenager with her homework

When your pre-teenager approaches you for help with her homework, remember to be supportive, caring and kind when answering. If neither of you know the answer to a question, you can sit down with her. Both of you can try to work it out together. Never get frustrated and upset if you do not find the answer. You can also consider reading through the portion a few times before explaining it to your child. What mattes most is the time spent with your child.

Make sure you understand what the school expects from assigning your child homework. Take that extra effort to understand her school curriculum.

Maintain a two-way communication with your child. Along with giving her instructions, listen to anything that she has to say.

Help your child understand that it should be "homework first, play next" always.

Avoid giving your pre-teen child choices. For example, you could tell her "Let us finish the Maths homework first." rather than saying "Do you want to do your Science homework or Maths homework first?".

Even if you are not confident of a particular subject, encourage your pre-teenager to develop a love for the subject. This can be done by helping her with school projects and discussing the homework.

Keep yourself informed about what is expected from your pre-teenager in her class.