Hemroids Treatment at Home

Yes, there are some really effective home remedies for hemroids in store for you, but is that all you need to know? No, first let us discuss a bit on what are hemroids/hemorrhoids. Hemroids is also known with the names- piles or sometimes, spelled as hemorrhoids or haemorrhoids. But before going for the natural home remedies, you need to change your lifestyle from certain aspects. 

Hemroids Treatment at Home

Read this information on hemroids treatment at home:

1. Your stay in toilet

Do not stay in the toilet for more than 5 minutes at a time as this may aggravate or worsen your hemroids. Instead prefer several short walks a day, as sometimes too much sitting or simply standing for long can upset your condition.

2. Do not let your affected part remain dry

Applying a reliable and effective hemroid cream will sooth the affected area to a great extent making you comfortable. Hemroid creams with Zinc Oxide can give you great relief from pain and discomfort. In case of extreme pain and agony caused by hermoids, a creme or lotion with tetracaine or stramonium in it may work wonders for you.

3. Beware of the oral pain killers

Oral pain killers available over the counter may sometimes very dangerous for you. Like oral pain killers containing codeine in them can prove really fatal for your hemroids.

4. Sitz Baths

A sitz bath included in your daily routine may work wonders for your treatment of hemroids. This bath is a soothing blend of Epsom salts and warm water. Sit in the bath for about 10 minutes to gain hemroid relief. These baths help to get rid of the hemroid symptoms like inflammation, itching and swelling.

5. Proper care

Always remember to wipe off your affected area with a soft toilet paper after you wash your area with a mild soap and water. Or another better option is to use a cotton cloth with soap and water.

6. Reinsertion

This is a very effective home treatment for prolapsed hemroids. You can also try to push the hemroids into the anus. Be gentle to avoid causing any harm.

7. Hemroid Cushion

Some hemroid sufferers find the hemroid cushions very comfortable. As this cushion is an inflatable rubber ring similar to the rings that children use while swimming.

Now you might be thinking about how to use it. The reply is, its very simple. 

You just have to sit over it. How it works?

This cushion works by minimising contact pressure between the sitting surface and your hemroid. Hemroid cushion also relieves the pressure of the backside cheeks on any prolapsed ones.

As a substitute, a soft cushion or pillow may also work.  

8. Ice

Use of ice over the affected area is something you might have not heard of. But this is really effective. As ice packs helps you to reduce the swelling and painful hemroids.

Let the ice cubes melt a bit so that it does not stick to your hemroids. And make sure that the ice cubes are wet and slippery. Now insert like a normal suppository.

After going through these self-care tips to get rid of hemroids, the only thing that comes to one's mind is that can these simple home remedies completely cure hemroids. And the answer to this question will be - These are the alternatives for those who cannot go for an immediate treatment for hemroids. 

Having a surgery done will completely cure you as this will remove them from its roots. While the above discussed remedies prove to be best in the cases of budding hemroids.

You can also get rid of hemroids by taking all the preventive measures. If you make efforts from getting rid of a certain problem then how can it attack you?