Hemroids - Symptoms of Hemroids

Learn all about hemroids

Symptoms of hemroids are sometimes very annoying as they do not let you to relax even for a minute. All the time, you have to suffer continued bowel irritation and burning sensations which we will be discussing here right now. But first of all, we should be clear of the fact of what hemroids is. It is called by different names by different people, like some spell it as hemorrhoids, hemroids or haemorrhoids. Its other family members are piles/constipation.

Hemroids - Symptoms of Hemroids

Hemroids is a disease caused due to the excessive pressure forced over the veins of the pelvic and the rectal systems while passing stool. And this pressure leads to the swelling of the veins which get highly prone to damage. There is a cure for hemroids, but before we discuss that, lets go through its symptoms.

Signs and Symptoms of hemroids sometimes just take the hell out of you due to following reasons:

1. It develops itching in the rectal area. However, this itching may sometimes be also associated with the symptom of worms or parasites, rather than hemroids as such

2. You feel a burning sensation, pain or discomfort around the anal opening

3. You get a strong feeling of incomplete evacuation of the bowel and get difficulty in passing stool 

4. You may notice sometimes some sort of swelling of the anus or the inner anus area

5. One of the most common symptoms is soiling of underwear. This hemroids symptom may lead to other symptoms of itching and burning - very similar to nappy rash

6. Sometimes, you may diagnose the formation of blood clots inside the anus - which you can feel by touching

7. Another common symptom of hemroids is the formation of lumps or prolapse of the anal region 

8. Bleeding of anal should never ever be taken as a basic symptom rather it is the gateway to the advanced stage of hemroids

9. These hemroids cover your anus to such an extent that you become unable to see the anus

10. The symptom of the advanced stage of hemroids is Strangulated lumps - prolapsed from the anus (advance stage of internal Hemroids)

Now, after going through the symptoms of hemroids, you will be capable of diagnosing whether you are suffering from this terrible and irritating disease or its something else. If its not hemorrhoids, then go and get it diagnosed as soon as possible, it may some other genital infection. And if you are a hemorrhoid sufferer, then go for some really simple home remedies for hemroids that will help you in treating hemroids. You will get to know that yes, hemroids cures.