Hemroids - Causes of Hemroids

What causes hemroids has always been misunderstood. So, to clear the clouds of myths or misconceptions surrounding hemroids/hemorrhoids, here is the list of the causes of hemroids that you need to know:

Hemroids - Causes of Hemroids

1. insufficient sleep 

2. intake of too much spicy and oily foods

3. irregularity in passing stool 

4. long sitting hours

5. lack of movement

6. working in high temperature areas
7. tobacco intake

8. addiction to smoking

9. unstable mental conditions

Hemroids is a frustrating physical condition which could not be tolerated for long. So, something has to be done to get rid of this painful condition. And for this, we have some piece of information for you on how to get rid of hemroids naturally.

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