Healthy Eating Strategies for Children

Preschoolers are more likely to do things themselves. However, they also want to learn from their parents. That’s why it is aptly quoted that “home is the very first school of kids” where parents are actual teachers. That’s why in mending their eating habits, parents are going to play a crucial role as whatever they are going to learn is completely related to what their parents are going to teach them.

Healthy Eating Strategies for Children

Kids require a balanced diet so as to provide them all the necessary nutrients in an adequate amount for their mind and body development. They are growing and learning a lot at the same time. They try to learn as much as they can from their surrounding environment. It is also required to prepare them for their upcoming future i.e. school:  kindergarten.

Parent’s strategies

Parent’s first step is to maintain a timetable of their kids including the type of food they will be provided during breakfast, brunch, lunch, snakes time and dinner. There should be a proper gap between all these and a kid should know that they will get the food at its proper time.

A kid should learn to eat every type of food even though it doesn’t taste so good to them because the food good for health generally doesn’t taste good.

For a while there should be a change in the menu as monotony is even hate by the adults.

They should not be allowed to eat fast food often.

A kid should also be taught to wash their hands before and after eating food.

Freedom to Preschoolers

A kid should be always provided with the variable options of food and he should be given freedom to choose from them. A kid should also learn when they are feeling full known as satiety because the kids who stop eating when they are satisfied are less likely to become fat. If a kid is avoid food a for once in a while then that should not become an issue because even if a healthy kid doesn’t eat for once in a while it is not going to affect his health. Kids should allow following their intuition at the time of eating that when they are feeling that they had enough. They have a right to reject a particular food for once but should be again served. And the menu should not always contain the desire of your kid sometimes it is fine. Kids will generally eat the things when they see their parents having the same.

Encouraging a Healthy and Hygienic Feeding Habit

Kids should be involve in meal preparations i.e. they should be given works like arranging table, serving food etc. It is difficult to control how they eat? But they should be taught of maintaining cleanliness while eating.

Washing their hands before and after meal,

Keeping their dish at the proper place after eating.

Parents should also set an example by eating healthy food and preparing food in hygienic environment and should maintain proper cleanliness in home place and surroundings.