Guided Meditation

Meditation has many interesting as well as intriguing aspects associated with it. 

As the world is becoming a stressful place to live in, meditation and Yoga are the rays of light to remove the dullness in and around our life. Now talking about Guided Meditation, it is another type of meditation where you need a guide who would guide you the right way in finding out the answer to the question how to do meditation. There are many guided meditation CD’s as well as meditation Mp3’s available in the market which would help you a good deal in meditating. However, the following account would also help you to a great extent in doing the meditation.

Guided Meditation

The first and foremost thing you should do is to find a quiet peaceful place. 

Wear loose clothing and listen to some soothing music. You can either lie down on your back or sit with a straight spine in a posture known as the lotus position where you sit with crossed legs. Now close your eyes and start the process of deep breathing. Breathe in the happiness, peace and calmness all around and breathe out the stress, worry, tension and depression within. 

Watch your breath and with closed eyes try to visualize the brighter side of life. 

Focus your thoughts towards a world where nothing can go wrong for you, where your every wish would come true and where you get the peace of mind as well as a divine contentment. After having the time of your life, you should never rush up to go back but slowly open your eyes, take some deep breathes and then with a feeling of satisfaction get back to your busy lifestyle.    

Guided meditation is an effective relaxation exercise and if you make it a part and parcel of your life then gradually you would find that your concentration level increases thereby leading to the enhanced functioning of senses. The deep spiritual experience you would get after meditating would freshen up your heart, mind, body and soul. We hope the above account would help you to understand some important things about Guided Meditation. Meditate regularly and feel the difference it makes to your life. Have a great life!  

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