Games for Your Two Year Old

Games suited for kids aged between 30-36 months:

Red Letter Day: One day in the week should be made a red day. Wear red clothes that day. Breakfast may include a strawberry jam over a toast. Red flowers may be picked and red cars counted while going somewhere.

Matching pairs: This game can be purchased from any nearby shop and the kid is bound to absolutely love it. In the game, spaces have to be filled up on a given board by putting matching cards on the various pictures present on that board.

Games for Your Two Year Old

Scribble away: You can play a scribbling game with your kid by spreading plain paper sheets on the floor and then getting some crayons which are non-toxic. 

The hand movements of your toddler would be developed with the help of such an activity.

Simon says: Even though this is generally considered to be a group game, you can easily play it with your toddler. In this one person is the leader who starts by giving simple commands such as ‘Simon Says’ and then putting hands over the head , the command has to be demonstrated by the leader himself. The parent generally becomes the leader and all your commands have to be obeyed by your kid.

Cold and hot: In this game a little treat is hidden in some room and then the toddler has to search for it. If the toddler is a little near to the treat the term used is ‘warm’ and if the toddler is very close to it, the term used is ‘hot’. But if the kid is quite far from the treat , then it’s called ‘cold’.

Thus, here we have provided you with some of the favourite games of little kids around the age of two years. Both the parents as well as the toddler are bound to enjoy these games together and it would also lead to an increase in the bonding between the two.