Fitness Tips for Kids

You are a mother of a 2-3 years old, and are constantly worrying about her health and fitness levels and the way to go about them, read on; you will get the answers to most of your questions.

What is the ideal regimen of physical activities for such kids?

However, kids of this age group do a lot of running and jumping around but still your kid may not be doing enough. Kids falling in this age group should

Do at least half an hour of structured physical activity that is adult led.

Fitness Tips for Kids

Put on at least an hour of unstructured physical activity that falls in the ambit of free play,

And kids should never be inactive for more than an hour at a stretch except for the time when they are sleeping

What the kids of this age group should be doing?

Kids of this age should be not only be able to walk, but run very well too. They should be adept at kicking the balls and jump with both the feet. By the time they reach the age of three, they should be able to manage themselves on one foot, pedal, and ride a tricycle and catch the ball stiffly. They should be introduced to games that include push and pull toys and other activity games. 

In fact, if you introduce the kids at this age to subtle dance movements, they would be able to pick them up rather well. The most important thing to remember here is the fact that you have to provide a lot of opportunities to your child to hone her skills.

What are the family activities that are ideal at this age?

You can go frog hopping or walking alike a penguin together, rocking and singing rhymes like “row, row, row your boat”, crawling activities, listening to music and dancing together and simple physical exercises like bending at the waists to touch the ground. These activities not only stimulate the child, but also bonds the family together as they soak in the fun time.

What should your child be eating at this age?

Given below is a guide that will help you feed the child the desired amount of nutrients to your child

They should have 6 servings of any kind of grains
  • 3 servings from the vegetable group
  • 2 servings of fruits
  • 2 servings of milk group
  • 2 servings of meat group
  • An extremely limited amount of sweets

Until your child attains the age of 6, her diet chart is main more or less the same. The size of the servings are smaller with the younger kids than with the older ones. The units of servings may seem too many but you are required to get them all in 2 or 3 meals that your child has. It is also important to note here that all the food groups are important hence you should neither cut down on any nor overfeed any of the group.

When is the time to worry?

Your toddler should be active and should have an appropriate diet. For the purpose you are required to play a huge role in offering her, a variety of activities and food items, so that she does not lose interest in either activities or food items. However, even after taking all the pains if your child seems disinterested or complains of pain after eating or playing, it is time that you seek a doctor’s advice.

Do not get panicky in case your child is little late in picking up a trait, kids have different learning abilities and some kids may pick up a trait faster or later than others. 

Remember the bottom-line that it more important that you put in your best with regards to the fitness level of your 2-3 years. You have a bigger role to play in this than the child herself does. If you are always in a tearing a hurry and serve her the food that is convenient to you, even if nutrition is dammed, or if you cannot spare enough time to play with her, then you are surely calling for trouble.