Figs for Constipation Relief Naturally

Constipation is a problem in which your bowel actions turn irregular. And, there also occurs a lot of abdominal pain due to hard stools. One may suffer from this problem on a regular basis. However, in the case of chronic constipation, the stool may not come for many days, like for 3-4 days or a week. Some of the main reasons of the onset of this illness are insufficient fluid intake, sedentary way of living or the use of certain medications.

Figs for Constipation Relief Naturally

Fig, anjeer Fig (Anjeer) is a dry fruit that really helps to control this digestive sickness. This one is a fine source of fiber which is a bulk of roughage. It pushes all the water matter out of the intestine. You should eat one serving of this fruit with every meal to keep your stomach clean and fit. Make sure you drink lots of water with this remedy as it helps to soft down the hard stool and make its passage easy.

You can eat them in fresh or dried forms, but do not miss eating their skin as it contains meaty amount of fiber. For a variation, boil around eight figs in water and let it cool down a bit. Thereafter, strain them and drink this water before going to bed. You can also soak about five figs in water at night and then eat them in the early morning and drink the water as well. But make sure that you try this solution on an empty stomach. Following these easy-to-use remedies will help to treat a severe constipated abdomen and give you relief from its signs and symptoms.
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