Fathers are Parents Too!

In his own way, your husband can really help with your child's all-around development.

From the moment you wake up to the time you fall asleep, almost all your to-dos are related to your child. You pack his tiffin, you arrange his school bag, you help with his homework and you take him to activity classes. 

Fathers are Parents Too!

But it is "daddy dearest" your child waits for the entire day. He will sprint to the door when daddy comes, welcome him with whoops of joy, squeals of laughter and stories of school. You are left with mixed feelings of joy and a twinge of envy at this daddy-child reunion. Your husband and child might really bond well together. However, parenting is not a one-parent affair. Society might have rendered his role to a mere family breadwinner but a father should also take active part in bringing up the child. In his own way, your husband can really help with your child's all-around development. 

Sharing parenting also takes off some load the mother's shoulders. Here are some ways in which you can involve your husband in childcare activities.

It is all child's play 

Play is one area you could gladly step out from and let your husband step in. 

After all, running after your child the entire day is enough exercise. Your husband can not only play with your child but also introduce her to many sports like swimming, badminton, tennis, cricket and football. This can also help him foster positive attitudes with regard to winning, losing, team work and persevering. These words can be found in a child's textbook but it is in the field that she will realise their true meaning.

'Schooling' your husband in responsibility 

Most school events like concerts and report card day take place on weekdays when your husband has office to attend. However, these are not everyday affairs and once in a while he should try to accommodate them in his routine. A child loves too see both parents by her side, whether she is playing a sunflower on stage or participating in her class drill.

Bedtimes can be a father-child affair 

Your husband comes home tired after work. Let him unwind by reading bedtime stories to your child. No one can animate the plot in the way daddy does it!

Bath Time fun 

A holiday can be an occasion to bring father and child together - in the bathroom. And don't be surprised if your little one does not seem to mind the shampoo and soap ritual for a change.

My father's office 

Taking the little one to office for some hours can be a fun thing for both father and child. Your child will love the attention showered on him by office colleagues and get an idea of what daddy does.

To each his own 

If you entrust your husband with parenting responsibilities, do not question the way he carries them out. If he always takes children out for burgers or pizzas, let him. You can drop subtle hints about healthy snacks but don't go overboard. 

Instead, limit junk food shopping so they don't get it at home.

Flexibility is key 

Some days your husband might be busy. Be flexible and allow for changes in parenting duties. Hectic schedules may get in your husband's way of spending time with his child. But with a little bit of effort and flexibility you can actively involve him in the joys of parenting.