Disciplining Your Toddler

Discipline is not something parents do to a child but rather, it’s something that’s done for him because kids need to know where the boundaries are. There are lot of misinterpretations being spread about parent’s confusion on how to manage their children properly. There has to be a secret formula on how to deal with loud, aggressive and disrespectful kids by having a system of controlling them.

Disciplining Your Toddler

Parenting is definitely a learned skill. As, parents, we need to set boundaries and parameters if we want our children to fall in line. If we constantly argue and fight with our kids, there’s a tendency that they will disrespect and disobey us. Have you noticed that if you’re out of control, your child is also out of control? A child learns by modeling. They watch you, all ears, all eyes, and there’s nothing they’ve missed. They see everything. If you don’t have boundaries or limitations, or if you don’t have discipline, you can’t expect your child to have that also.

Boundaries are reminders to the child that they are loved, cared for, and being watched which gives them the assurance that they’re in good hands. Kids want to know what the rules are and how to follow them. Be consistent with the boundaries you set in teaching your toddler how to behave properly. Children are just waiting for someone to step up and stop them.

Maybe it’s difficult for us to confront our child who’s misbehaving because we love our kids so much and it makes us uncomfortable to feel like we’re the bad guys at home, right? But as parents, we have to do these because we love them. We want them to feel safe by providing them security and defined limits.



Patience is very important in dealing with our child’s temper tantrums. Although we know that sometimes it gets annoying to us, we still are accountable as parents because that’s our responsibilities towards them. Parenthood is not an easy task. It entails a lot of patience and perseverance in order for us to fully conquer this stage in our kid’s life. Toddlerhood is the early stage of a child’s life. It is during this stage that you will find confusing behaviors of your child. 

Your toddler is learning to adjust society’s demands while trying to maintain their independence. If you find your kid doing good things, don’t hesitate to acknowledge and tell him that he has made a good job. When they get a positive response, they are motivated to continue the behavior.

Set the boundaries

Some young children don't know a behavior is "good" or "bad" until you tell them. That’s the reason why children need to know what the rules are and who’s available to enforce them. When these clear boundaries exist at home, a child never gets in trouble unless he greatly asked for it. There can be happiness and acceptance for everybody.

Spanking will not help

In some instances, few things need to be properly discussed like spanking as a form of discipline. Does spanking help a child? Some studies show that spanking teaches a child to fear their parents. Why? It’s because it hurts them. Some kids say that when their moms hit them, they feel like running away from their homes. Spanking really upset them because it’s painful and it can break their bones if done in a worst manner.

Here are few tips on how to discipline your toddler:

If you’re to set limits or boundaries, make sure that you’re consistent in teaching them how to properly behave. Kids want to know what the rules are and how to follow them.

You must distract your toddler before they will misbehave by shifting their attention to other things. By doing this, he will no longer focus on the thing s you don’t want him to do. Instead, he will do what you’ve offered and have provided to him.

Don’t respond to their temper tantrums because it will only worsen the situation. These tantrums are used as dramatic displays and you have to do something in order for you not to be controlled on these situation.

Use time-outs (3 minutes or less) and avoid putting the child in their bedroom. Or else, they might associate their room with punishment.

Rely on positive reinforcement to train your child to behave well. When you catch them being good, thank them for doing a good thing. This is one form that can motivate your child to do good things and stay away from bad things. 

Remember, your child’s memory is electronic. He can remember things that you’ve told him.

Make it easy for your child to do the right thing by avoiding situations that set them up to fail.

Don’t hit your child no matter how bad they behave. Spanking teaches children to fear parents and have ill-feelings for them. It’s easy for you to lose control when you’re angry and so is your child. Discipline them in a moderate manner which can limit their bad behavior but not to the extent of making them feel unloved. But don’t spoil your child either.

Be a responsible parent

If you’re a parent who is faced with the same problem, you can use these tips to help your child and at the same time, help yourself also. Our kids don’t think like adults. They do things as a form of development and learning. Exploring on new things is their way of happiness. Their attitudes may be biological or are inborn, but there are ways on how to manage these impulses better.  Nothing can change the fact that we really care for them because they are our loved ones. This is perfectly the reason why we don’t want them to do these things. 

As parents, we have to face these things responsibly because no one can take our place. Give your kid a hug which can make him more secure and explain to him that what you’ve done is for him to become a better person in the future.