Developing Your Baby's Brain

Although the brain is one of the few organs in an infant that is developed well at the time of his birth, how you shape it depends on the quality of interactions you have with him, as he grows.

When your little one is born, his brain is already teeming with a billion cells, and as the child begins to grow in the external environment, he begins to see, observe and learn new things daily.

Developing Your Baby's Brain

As parents, what do you do to stimulate this learning further, so your child’s brain develops well? Well, here are some pointers:


As the child uses his five senses to see, hear, smell, taste and touch the world around him, you can enhance this growth even more by exposing him to surroundings that he can perceive in creative ways. For instance, you can hang a colorful looking toy over his head, or while he is having a bath, pool-pals like duck and penguin toys can accompany the activity. Keeping the environment around him full of interesting objects will activate his brain to develop faster.


Nobody can dispute the power that your language or mother-tongue can hold for the growth of your baby. When we were small, our grand-parents played with us ,singing lullabies and rhymes in their mother-tongue, and we picked up associations with our environment easily and naturally. We started associating words and their meanings in relation to our surroundings. So speak to your child from day 1, even though you feel he is not understanding a word, absorption of the words spoken in your tongue is taking place at minute, unseen levels all the time. Studies have shown that the more you interact with your child, the better chances will be of his intelligence quotient (IQ) growing.


AS the child grows, his cognitive abilities can be developed  significantly. 

Reading stories to him, talking about what happened in the neighborhood or about his friends, singing and dancing along with him to nursery rhymes or songs, using colors and clay with crayons and books- all these will boost his mental faculties, sharpen his intellect and develop his motor skills too.

You as a parent play a big role in honing your childs’ brain development. As you expose him to environments that help him learn, also take care that you do not over-stimulate him too much. He needs his space, and of course TV is a strict no-no! In fact, taking him to the garden, the zoo and parks in your area is a much better way of ensuring that your little one grows and learns, in faster and better ways!