Cluster Feeding and Thrush

Cluster Feeding

A cluster feeding baby is one who immediately after a feed is ready for her next feed. You can find this kind of feeding very tiresome. But, this occurs only for a day or two. By this time, the milk supply in your body matches the baby's demands. She then begins to have more milk in each feed. This reduces the number of feeding sessions and your baby establishes a feeding pattern for herself. Babies also tend to cluster feed in the late evenings as they start sleeping for longer hours at night. Feeding at frequent intervals allows the baby to decrease the frequency of night feeds.

Cluster Feeding and Thrush


Thrush is a yeast infection that occurs on the surface of the nipples or inside the breasts. Thrush usually occurs due to overgrowth of yeast in your body when you have taken antibiotics for illness, you have a unbalanced diet, or you are stressed and exhausted. Usually when you suffer from thrush, your baby is also affected by it. Mothers experience severe pain in their nipples and the nipples feel itchy and burning. Your baby will have white patches in her mouth. Thrush can make nursing uncomfortable.

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