Children and Writing

Children and writing are very closely related. As caring parents, you must get children initiated into writing. Writing is a very important communication skill next to reading and talking. In India, introducing children to writing is usually held as a ceremony when they are about three years old. This ceremony is usually held on Vijayadashami day. This lays the foundation for writing skills, even before the actual writing begins.

Children and Writing

As soon as your toddler shows interest in writing, you can give her some paper and crayons so that she can scribble on the paper and at the same time develop her motor skills. This usually takes place when she is a little over a year old. Do not give her pens or pencils at this age as she may poke herself with their sharp tips. It is important to note that your toddler will most likely be a messy writer in the initial days. As she explores her writing skills, it is very likely that she will end up colouring her hand as well! You must remember to encourage her learning at every stage and also help her with the writing.

How to Help Children Prepare for Writing?

Some other ways to help your child develop her fine motor skills needed for writing and get her physically ready for this skill are:
  • Allow her to model with play dough.
  • Encourage her to paint with brushes.
  • Guide her to connect various dots to form a picture.
  • Get her stencils to trace the image on the stencil.
  • Give her a few coloured chalks and a slate or blackboard.
  • Provide her with a metal board and some colourful magnetic letters.
  • Give her a white board and some colourful non-toxic markers.
  • Encourage her to learn to use child-safe scissors.
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