Causes of Pimples on Tongue of Toddlers

Pimples can occur anywhere on your body. It can appear on your butt, face, lips, tongue, arms etc. However, pimples on the tongue are not a common disorder yet most people tend to suffer from it. Though it is not a very serious problem but it can cause you a lot of embarrassment and uneasiness. It can cause difficulty in talking and speaking as well. The excruciating pain may be difficult to bear at times. Pimples on upper arms and face can lower your confidence level.

Causes of Pimples on Tongue of Toddlers

Spots on the tongue do not occur only among adults. It can occur among toddlers as well. If pimple appears on the tongue then it should not be popped as pricking and popping it could spread the bacteria to other areas and can further aggravate the situation. Moreover it is not easy to pop such pimples though reaching out there won’t be that difficult. Following are some of the reasons that could be the leading causes of pimples on tongue of toddlers and adults:

1) It has been suggested that food allergy can be the cause of these zits forming on your tongue. How far is the statement above is true is not known. 

But one main argument in favor of the statement is that when the body experiences any food related allergic reactions then it leads to the development of pimples and bumps. So it is best to avoid those foods that cause allergic reactions.

In a bid to get rid of the reactions, the body pushes out the germs and bacteria. 

And if your skin is clogged with dirt then the bacteria will form its base under the dirt in the pores and lead to the formation of pimples.

2) High intake of fat rich diet can also lead to the formation of pimples. The body in order to get rid of the excess fat deposits will release more oils thereby clogging the pores. This would in turn create a favorable atmosphere for the bacteria to flourish leading to pimples.

For the treatment of this type of pimple, you cannot apply the usual cleansers or any other topical ointment. You would not like the very idea of swallowing these products meant for external use only. Though there are antibiotics available for the treatment of these pimples but a doctor will not normally prescribe it unless the condition is severe. So the only way out is to eat a proper balanced diet and avoid foods those are rich in fats. Include a large amount of veggies and fruits in your diet. Drink lots of water.