Causes of Acne and Pimples

Acne is a common skin problem that is suffered by most of the teenagers aged between 12-17 years. However, even adults between 20-40 years of age also tend to suffer from this skin problem. Statistics record that about 80% of the teenagers and about 5% of adults are affected by acne. This skin problem occurs more commonly in women than in men. When such a problem strikes, women become more concerned about their skin. The reason behind why the skin gives in to such a problematic condition is the same for all age groups.

Causes of Acne and Pimples

The term acne is referred to plugged pores, pimples and deeper lumps etc. that commonly occur on the skin around your face, neck, back and chest. A number of factors have been listed down that has been referred to as the causes of acne. However, no exact cause of the skin problem is yet known. One main reason that leads to the formation of acne is due to blocking of the pores by the sebum. The sebaceous gland produces oils which result in clogging of the pores that leads to the formation of bacteria. 

Following are some of the factors that have been labeled as the causes of acne and pimples:

1) Hormonal Imbalance: More than often, hormonal imbalance has been referred to as the most common causes of acne. The increase of hormones in boys and girls during puberty may cause hormonal imbalance. Hormonal changes during pregnancy and menstruation can also cause acne. Testosterone is a hormone that is present in both boys as well as girls. The presence of this hormone will not be referred to as hormonal imbalance however the skin may react abnormally to it and cause acne. 

2) Hereditary: Research has shown that those who suffer from severe acne have a history of this disorder. However, most people suffer from this skin problem at some point of their life. There are exceptions but most people do not suffer the same way their parents have suffered.

3) Food: Most people believe that oily foods, junk foods etc are not only bad for health but are also responsible for the development of acne. This belief holds little truth instead researchers have found that certain milk products aggravate the skin problem. However these findings are far from being established.

4) Drugs: Those medications which contain iodides, bromides, oral or injected steroids etc can cause acne and also aggravate the condition. However most of the acne problems are not related to drugs.

5) Cosmetics: Skin Care products which are based on greasy oils and moisturizer may cause clogging of the pores and lead to the formation of acne.

6) Stress: Stress does not usually cause pimples. However, some people are so frustrated with the acne problem that they prick it and aggravate the condition thereby making it to last longer.

Acne is not infectious and does not cause any health related problems however, severe acne can affect the daily life of a person. It can cause a great deal of stress and embarrassment. Acne cysts may rupture and leave behind a scar that can gravely affect the psychology of the sufferer. Though this skin disorder is not life threatening but the effects on the mental being of the person can be destructive.