Caring for Toddlers Teeth

Caring for young child is one of the most child-rearing challenges of all. It takes a lot of perseverance to help the little one make the process of change to become an independent child. The child is unindustrialized earn new physical, cognitive, and emotional skills every day. In the next two years, you will notice your child become a tentative toddler who expresses thoughts and opinion in few words to a confident under school age with a growing awareness of the world around him. This is how the child reaches the development milestones of its own step.

Caring for Toddlers Teeth


Intake of calcium and vitamins

The formations of strong teeth which can resist decay vary depending on your child’s diet. The baby’s early tooth is formed during the pregnancy of the mother. The best thing to do to provide treatment for this is to ensure the strength of the later teeth. Regarding this matter, the mother should continue to give plenty of calcium and vitamin D which will enable the body to have strong bones and teeth. Calcium is an important nutrient that our body needs because it has a number of important functions that can help increase strong bones and teeth. Vitamin D has the best specific function also. Its role is for the development and maintenance of healthy teeth, bones and cartilage in children and also in adults. Vitamin D helps the body keep the bones and teeth strong by increasing absorption of calcium and phosphorus from small intestine.
Clean the teeth regularly

Other factors in caring for the toddler teeth is by keeping the teeth clean. 

Cleaning the toddler’s teeth needs to become part of his daily preservation of health routine. Everybody must clean all the food fragments between their teeth, and use the right type of toothbrush in cleaning the teeth. You should use a soft toothbrush with a pea sized smear of children’s fluoride toothpaste and a small circuitous motion so that the child gums will not get damaged and to prevent them from further irritation. The child should not get into the habit of sawing from side to side, this style doesn’t clean the teeth and it may cause to damage gums. Side to side brushing of teeth cannot remove the food fragments inside the mouth and also in the teeth.

Prevent it from diseases

Cleaning the teeth involves the removal of dental plaque from teeth with the purpose of preventing cavities, gingivitis, and periodontal disease. Dental plaque is biofilm usually pale, that change and grow naturally on the teeth. With clean teeth the child prevents his self into oral cavity damage and preserving his self a proper hygiene. When a child achieves this doing he will eventually applies this things until he gets into adult age. And with this the child can practice in his own capability on how to maintain cleanliness and being clean keep the child away from diseases. Gingivitis also is the inflammation of the gum tissue. It is a term used to describe non-destructive periodontal disease which is the common form of gingivitis that is the response of bacterial bio films which is the plaque. 

Another substance that can damage to Child's teeth is the periodontal disease or also called as periodontists. These are the disease that affects one or more of the periodontal tissues. This type of tissue are the alveolar bone, periodontal ligament, cementum and gingival. All this tissues affect the tooth in supporting our gums structure.

Teach the child to brush

As days pass by, once the toddler shows an interest in trying to clean his own teeth, the mother should teach the child the basic ways on what to do in brushing his teeth. In this way, the mother must show the toddler on how proper brushing of teeth is done brush through small circular movements, rather than from side to side. It is important that you are going to guide the child until he reach his age of seven years old; within this time the child will have the manual physical skill needed to clean his teeth thoroughly.

Keep the child away from sweet foods

For the child to keep his teeth healthy, make sure he is not eating much sweet foods. This will lead to tooth ache and tooth damages. Sweet foods are harmful because the acid that was produced by the nutrients that are eaten is gone from the mouth and this may lead to tooth damage. These things sadly applies to many of the healthy foods which are often suggested as alternatives to sweet.

Visit the dentist

Another thing that would help also the toddler’s teeth become healthy is by visiting the dentist. In this matter the dentist help the Child's teeth prevention and treatment of disease and conditions of their oral cavity. The dentist is the one who guides our teeth and will tell us some aspects to keep our teeth strong. 

By this, we can also get instant idea on how to prevent our teeth from tooth decay.

Thus it is important to keep the toddlers teeth clean because the tooth is one of the important parts of the body and maintaining them will ensure no tooth decay or foul breath. It is advisable to teach the toddler to brush properly so that they will be prevented from bad breathe.