Back Pain Caused by Constipation - is This Possible

Back pain caused by constipation is one of the most prevalent ailments in the society. Constipation can trigger back pain and vice versa. They are rather considered to be inter-related. Some people have the misconception that constipation induces back pain only when it impacts severely but as a matter of fact, even mild cases involves backache. It is one of the rapidly growing health issues that is following flu and cold very closely. Constipation plays a major role in the frequency of the occurrence of back pain as well. Fatigue, mood swings and back pain are all side effects of chronic constipation. It can create agonizing conditions for the individual.

Back Pain Caused by Constipation - is This Possible

Now, how does constipation cause back pain? Well the answer is, when the bowel movement is blocked, it exerts an impact on the lower back which tends to get worse if not eliminated well in time. Whether the bowel is passed off or not, the body continues to produce thereby increasing the pressure. On the other hand, back pain caused by activities and other causes may also lead to constipation. The condition of back pain due to constipation is not limited to adults only, even children are also affected by it. The symptom of back pain constipation can easily be recognized.

There are a number of causes of constipation that can induce back pain. Disc herniations, spinal stenosis, back muscle spasm etc. are some of the conditions that can cause constipation leading to severe backache. Other symptoms that accompany back pain are chronic diarrhea, heartburn, indigestion, bloating and stomach discomfort. Some of the symptoms that will help you in identifying whether the back pain is caused by constipation or not are:

1) Persistent pain that does not go away even after you rest on your back. 

2) Sudden development of the pain that most likely travels up the back into the chest area.  

3) Weakness and numbness in the legs, buttocks and feet.

4) Loss of appetite, nausea, etc. that affects your diet pattern

5) Problems in the bowel movement with increased pain.

You will experience a mild fecal impact along with the abdominal cramps. This may result in blockage which eventually exerts pressure on the abdomen causing lower back pain. The longer the fecal impaction blocks the normal bowel movement, the more pain you will experience. The presence of both back pain and constipation together could signify a condition called the irritable bowel syndrome. It is an intestinal disorder that demands medical attention. If not paid attention in time, then it can cause serious effects.