Baby Development

Parents play a vital role in stimulating baby development. You can stimulate your baby's development by creating a good and safe environment for play. A good environment stimulates all of your baby's five senses. Here are some tips to create a fun and stimulating environment for your baby to grow up in.

Baby Development

Creating a Good Environment

Your baby is interested to know more about his environment right from birth. As he grows and develops motor skills he begins to explore his environment by moving around. The Care-giver's role in stimulating the baby at this stage is very important. The Care-giver should provide a safe and suitable environment for the baby to explore by moving around. The environment should be filled with safe objects for play. It should allow the baby freedom of movement and provide varying experiences. Provide baby with play items and containers to dump these items. Let the baby choose from the containers. Change the items in regular frequency and provide a variety for the child to choose from. When the baby starts to crawl and walk, provide varying floor surfaces like mats, carpets and plain smooth floor to practice crawling and walking. Pick the cues sent by the baby when he is overstimulated or feels tired or bored and redirect him to other interesting activities. Care-giver should make herself emotionally available to the baby and interact with him in stimulating environment.

Stimulating Senses

Baby has all five senses present at birth , but they are not fully developed. Interaction with the environment helps in development of the sensory system. 

Here are some simple ways to stimulate your baby's five senses.
  • Sense of Vision
  • Sense of Hearing
  • Sense of Touch
  • Sense of Smell
  • Sense of Taste