Baby Development - Touch

Baby feels safe and comforted by the gentle, soft touch of the mother. Show your intimacy with the baby by skin-on- skin contact with him. Gentle caressing and massages given to your baby right from birth are stimulating moments for the baby. Baby communicates and shares his emotions through physical contact.You can stimulate this sense as follows:

Baby Development - Touch

Tips to Stimulate Sense of Touch

Allow baby to come in contact with new textures like water, oil,creams, foams, sprays etc.

Among games, Activity mat is best for the baby to discover new materials.

Use bath time for your baby to discover new sensations.Give him the feel of cold water, and warm water. After bath have him wrapped in a soft baby towel and hold him close to your body in a big hug. Then massage him with massage oil.

Let him play stacking games. Provide toys of varying textures like cotton, wool, and plastic for baby to have a feel of them.