Baby Development - Hearing

Hearing is an important means through which your baby learns emotions, language and about his environment. Your baby's sense of hearing can be stimulated by:

Baby Development - Hearing

Tips to Develop Baby's Sense of Hearing

Your baby is used to hearing your voice even while he is in the womb. Talk to your baby as much as you can. Talk to him whenever you are giving him a bath or dressing him up. Tell him what you are doing to him. You can even tell him what you are doing as you go about your daily routine.

Sing lullabies,and mimic the sounds your baby makes.

Let your baby hear most of the household noises like T.V, Mixie, Grinder etc.

Engage your baby in play with noise-making toys like rattles. Either you shake the rattle or let your baby hold it and shake it gently with your help.

Play music from a music instrument and let the baby listen to it.Provide the baby with musical toys, wooden sticks or drums to create noises.