Art Projects

Television is an excellent solution to keep your baby occupied when you are cooking food or taking bath. It is really sad that babies become addictive of television and it can also affect their academic performance in the future. It is necessary to find some intelligent solution that can keep your toddler occupied when you are performing daily household activities. 

Art Projects

1. Pretend Play

Arrange number of toys, dolls, teddies, kitchen set and doctor set for your baby. Ask your toddler to play with toy stuff when you are busy with other household activities. Keep visiting his room after regular time interval so that he can feel that you are also involved with him. You can also provide him some old household stuff so that he can enjoy his play better.

2. Art with colors and vegetables

You can use newspaper for this purpose and spread them all around the table. 

Now ask your baby to dip his fingers in the painting color and make different papers on the newspaper. This is quitean interesting concept that can keep your baby occupied for several hours. Don’t forget that colors should be non toxic and hygienic. You can also use potato and okra for printing out more interesting patterns. Ask your baby to use crayon colors, stencil or tracing paper for drawing different object on the drawing sheets. This solution only increases the creativity level of your baby and does not harm him in any other way.