Anxiety Disorder in Children

Anxiety disorder in children needs immediate attention so that kids have a normal and stress free childhood. Identify the symptoms of anxiety and help the kid with ways to deal with the problem.

Anxiety disorder in children is not uncommon these days. There are a lot of reasons behind the fact on why kids these days are being so worried. Some are environmental, while others are simply the inability of the kid to adapt to the family or school conditions. So parents need to adopt certain practical strategies and tools to help their kids manage the daily anxiety. At time it is possible that the kid is just showing one or more symptoms of anxiety, while in some cases, the kid might already be suffering from anxiety disorder. A parent you need to look out for the symptoms through close observation.

Anxiety Disorder in Children

The Key Is to Be Observant

Though this mental health condition is very prevalent in the present day, it does not get the desired attention that is needed. In most cases it is found that kids, who tend to be anxious, either remain very quiet or keep complaining all the time. So parents take this attitude as normal as per the nature of the kid, and overlook the real bug that is leading to this attitude. As such, these kids who are actually suffering from anxiety or stress disorders do not receive the help or treatment that is required.

When this disorder is left untreated in the initial stages, it grows into a serious acute problem in later life. They might lead to depression, problems and tensions in career and relationships along with alcohol and substance abuse. 

Overall, the mental well being and the quality of life gets badly affected.

There is Nothing to be Overwhelmed

It is commonly found that parents who feel that their kids are suffering from anxiety disorder, they themselves get stressed out so much that they feel baffled as to how to ideally help the kid. Often the initial reaction to the realisation that the kid is possibly suffering from anxiety, is that in due time, the kid would automatically grow out of it.

In other cases, the reaction is simply overwhelming. Both are detrimental to the kid as it is not helping the child in growing out of it or teaching him to deal with it in any way. So, the parents must get over their frustration and think of practical ways to deal with the problem.

The Role of Parents is Essential

Only parents are that close to their kids that they can help them manage anxiety. You need to help the kid with practical behaviour counseling. Help them develop skills by which they can gain confidence in facing problems and deal with any type of situations in their life. Teach them to be prepared to face unknown people and situations. The objective is to build self esteem that they have it in them to face every kind of situation and there is in reality nothing to be afraid of.

They need to build up a sense of internal that is, emotional security that they are not exposed to any dangers. So provide them with that assurance. They will know that they have their parents to fall back upon if they are in any difficulty. 

This will hugely reduce the unknown fears and thus curb anxiety as well. Teach the kids through your own example that you are also not afraid of anything. 

Kids always consider their parents to be their role models and when they find you confident, they will try to imitate and draw the same qualities from you.