Alcoholism and Male Depression

Alcoholism and Male Depression is a sort of synonyms. One leads to the other and vice-a-versa.

A recent research pointed out that approximately 40% of the alcoholics suffer from some sort of Depression. Many men go for alcohol abuse as a cure for their depression and the assumption that alcohol can cure depression is nothing but a sort of crap.

Alcoholism and Male Depression

Alex was one such man. He was not a regular drunkard when Julia first met him, but gradually he became a habitual alcoholic. After marriage, the situation got worse. She saw her husband transforming to an alcoholic beast but was helpless as Alex never told her what bothers him so much and made him drink. 

Julia is my colleague and when she told me about Domestic Violence; it was just disgusting to hear about her husband’s heinous act.

However, I had never imagined that I would ever be sympathetic about a person who disrespects his wife. Alex told me that he drinks because he is depressed and batter his wife under the influence of alcohol. But after seeing his condition, I realized how fatal this relationship between male depression and alcoholism could prove to any relationship. Alex was suffering from psychological disorder and in order to ease out the depression, he found alcohol as an easy option. I am sympathetic towards Alex only because he is a patient and it doesn’t mean that his wife battering is justified. But the point to be noted is that ‘where there is alcohol, such things are bound to happen’ and the need is to help the sufferer out of the depressed state.

I along with Julia decided to take his husband to a doctor. The doctor realized Alex that alcohol is not a cure of any tension or stress. It can provide a temporary relief but the after-effects are deadly. A person becomes over-impulsive, ability to judge what is right and what is wrong reduces and the depression exaggerates after alcohol abuse. Also it increases the tendency to commit suicide.

Thankfully Alex understood the disadvantages of this deadly combination quite early. Five years have passed and now Alex and Julia is a happily married couple but when I visited them and jokingly reminded Alex of the Domestic violence case that Julia later decided to take back, I could see the shame in his eyes. 

That look was a perfect reply to the sympathy I showed to a wife batter. I thank God, that I was justified in being sympathetic towards a man, who used to beat his wife. But not all men are like Alex. However, we can make many of them like him. We must never forget that Male depression and alcohol is a terrifying combination and we have to eradicate this evil at any cost.

Do check out 15 most common Male depression symptoms and immediately consult a professional health care physician if you notice any of those symptoms in your near and dear ones males. Also don’t feel shy in sharing your precious views as well as experiences.